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Hi Bianca,

I just wanted to say a big hearty thank you for taking the time to come out today.  You have enlivened the experience for the boys.  I am really grateful for your expertise and practice.

Tiffany Hastings Drama Teacher 

Commedia dell’Arte Introductory Intensive Workshop

+ Q & A

This is the perfect Commedia dell’Arte package to introduce your students to this classic yet relevant theatrical form. Fools in Progress will immerse your students with a 2 hour training session presented by one actor/trainer.
During the intense 2 hour workshop your students will be introduced to the stock characters such as the servants, masters and lovers and learn their physicality and personality. Under the guide of our expert trainer, they will also be introduced to the use of the commedia mask and learn how to overcome the difficulties associated to the use of this magical object. This is the ultimate package designed to truly bring Commedia dell’Arte to life for your students and engage them actively into the world of Commedia dell’Arte and comic action.
Duration:  2 hours intensive


One trainer $350

Two trainers $400

Sydney Metropolitan area (GST included)

“Thank you so much for your performance and workshop today. Your energy, knowledge and expertise were incredible! It was really magical and enlightening for the students to see the characters come to life. They cannot wait to continue the scenario you began with them.”

Monika Marszalek  English/Drama Teacher, Sefton High School12

Slapstick Masterclass + Q & A

Do your students have a background in Commedia already? Do you want to take their experience of Commedia dell’Arte to another level? Well why not take our Slapstick Masterclass?

Slapstick is a technique in modern theatre today that is literally ‘slapped’ around often resulting in dangerous or painful consequences. Ben-Jamin from Fools in Progress is a virtuoso of physical comedy and has trained extensively under Antonio Fava in Italy and Australia and has mastered the use of the ‘batocio’ (slap stick) which allows him to teach groups of students (up to 50) and guide them step-by-step, slap-by-slap into the world of slapstick comedy in a safe, clear and controlled way. The workshop will include a warm up and the instruction of basic combination of tumbles and falls and offer an opportunity for your students to learn about and experience physical ‘lazzi’ (improvised comic dialogue and movement). Students will experience how to stage combats with the ‘batocio’ and share their learning with their peers.

Engaging in and learning respect for the slapstick and where and how to hit another actor during an improvisation in a structured, effective and safe way is the perfect way to help you breathe life into your teaching of this classic art form.

Duration: 1.5 hours (90 minutes)


Two trainers $350 – Sydney Metropolitan area (GST Included)

“Thank you again, Bianca, to you and your amazingly talented theatre troupe. The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all.”

Simone Museth Ashfield Boys High School


An original presentation of the Commedia dell’Arte form only presented by Fools In Progress!

Duo Commedia is Fools in Progress most successful production aimed to introduce the world of Commedia dell’Arte to Drama students. It consists of a spectacular presentation of eight classic Commedia dell’Arte stock characters Dottor Balanzone, Flavio (Innamorato), Colombina, Brighella, Pulcinella, Capitano, Arlecchino and Pantalone presented by two actors/trainers.

Students will get to watch a 50 minute performance that will introduce them to the stock characters and the history of Commedia dell’Arte in a whirlwind of duo commedia madness. This is followed by a 50 minute intense workshop where our trainers will teach the physicality of the characters and the use of the mask.


Let us do the work for you!

This is a very effective package. For the last several years, Fools in Progress’ trainers have PRESENTED a series of short Commedia dell’Arte courses in several schools around Sydney.
Students can reach excellent results in terms of physical training, comic banter and structured improvisation through working day by day with an experienced Commedia dell’Arte performer, acquiring the confidence and the ability to perform and improvise in the traditional Commedia style. Here we can assist your students in their preparation of school assessments and performances.

Pricing & Duration: $110 each session 45 minutes or according to your school timetable (Conditions apply).

“The boys at St Pat’s didn’t stop talking about the performance ALL day! They thought you were all BRILLIANT and are still trying to speak and act like the various characters. We would love to have to you back again soon. Soooooooooo very funny!”

Lucy Pelosi Italian Teacher St. Patrick’s College Strathfield