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“The students really enjoyed the performance and the workshop (…) it really gave an understanding of Drama and Commedia dell’Arte. The performance was engaging and at a level they could understand…”

Giulia Capello Italian Teacher Dobroyd Point Public School, April 2014


Suitable for Years 1 – 3 / 4 – 5

Join your favourite Commedia dell’Arte characters Pantalone, Capitano, Brighella, Arlecchino and Colombina on a little adventure… An adventure that teaches greedy, grumpy and miserly Pantalone a lesson or two about the significance of showing a little kindness and compassion to those less fortunate then he…
Time/ Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Have you seen this before? New productions are always in the works!
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Tickets prices:

$4.50 minimum of 300 students

$5.50 minimum of 250 students

$6.50 minimum of 200 students

All prices include GST

“Thank you for yesterday’s performance. The children are still laughing. You were all fantastic!”

Nicola Sternberg Italian Teacher, Petersham Public School July 2012


Suitable for Years 1 – 3 / 4 – 6

An original presentation of the Commedia dell’Arte form only presented by Fools In Progress!

This is a spectacular presentation of eight classic Commedia dell’Arte stock characters Dottor Balanzone, Innamorato, Colombina, Brighella, Pulcinella, Capitano, Arlecchino and Pantalone presented by two actors/trainers.

Specially adapted for primary students the 50 minute performance will introduce pupils to the world of the stock characters and a bit of history of the Commedia dell’Arte in a whirlwind of duo commedia madness. This is followed by 10 minute Q&A and 20 minute workshop where our trainers will explain the physicality of the characters and their features.

Time/Duration: 1 hour, 20 min

Tickets $6.00 (GST included)

Minimum 120 students

“Thank you so much for your performance and workshop today. Your energy, knowledge and expertise were incredible! It was really magical and enlightening for the students to see the characters come to life. They cannot wait to continue the scenario you began with them.”

Monika Marszalek English/Drama Teacher, Sefton High School


Suitable for Years 4 -6

The workshop consists of exercises and drama activities where students learn the gestural expressions and characteristics of each fixed character through improvisational games, voice activities and specific movement and they GAIN INSIGHT into how these characters are the basis of all MODERN film and television stock characters today.
Presenting the world of Carnevale and its comical masks is one of the most inspiring ways to introduce the study of Italian language and culture. To cater for the Italian language classroom, dialogue and language exercises are incorporated into the workshop led by native Italian speakers.
Workshop Includes:

  • * A presentation of several fixed character types such as;
    – The miserly old man – Pantalone
    – The smug and know it all Professor – Dottore
    – The macho soldier who is actually a coward underneath – Capitano
    – The cheeky and goofy servants such as Truffaldino, Arlecchino, Tabacchino… ino ino inooooo
    – The pretty and clever maid – Colombina
  • * Drama activities and theatrical warm ups
  • * Q & A
  • * An opportunity for students to work in small groups and create and perform their own original scene through the character types.

Time/Duration: The duration of workshop can vary according to school timetable and teacher requirements.

PRICING varies depending by the size of the group and the need for one or more trainers at the same time. We are happy to discuss with you the best option for your classroom needs.

“Thank you for coming to St Ives last week.  I absolutely loved the show as did the other teachers present. We laughed so much. It was fabulous. Spero di vedervi presto.”

Jenny Matheson  St Ives Grammar Preparation School