~ Educational Initiative~

As part of our educational initiative, we offer accessible training opportunities and touring productions for learners of all ages from both the theatrical classroom and the Italian language classroom as we believe that studying and experiencing this style of theatre allows students to be immersed culturally, linguistically and theatrically in this significant tradition of the arts by permitting them the opportunity to be creative, spontaneous and engaged in everyday learning.
We collaborate to create performances that are spontaneous, imaginative, energetic and full of classic improvised comedy. In staying true to the authentic Commedia dell’Arte form, our productions for schools are characterised by clearly outlined plotlines, relatable and recognizable stock character types and their relations to one another, enhanced by the use of leather masks hand made by the great master of Commedia dell’Arte Antonio Fava and specific physical gestures. These, together with the performers own ability and skill to improvise both their movement and dialogue, makes for a perfect recipe for constant surprises and endless laughter!

HOW IS COMMEDIA DELL’ ARTE with the FIPS RELEVANT in the classroom today?

Whilst Commedia dell’Arte is a form of improvised comic drama with roots dating back to 16th Century Italy, it is actually the true basis of all classical and modern film and theater characterization and storytelling. From The Simpsons to Ice Age the movie and the character types depicted in modern television, sitcoms and popular cartoons, students can gain meaning and understanding of literary text types through the key elements of storytelling and performance through the classic Commedia dell’Arte characters. They can then reflect on current learning and topics and make connections beyond the classroom. Whether you are teaching Literacy, Drama, HSIE or LOTE (Italian) in high school or primary school, we offer a variety of options to suit your teaching program.

Across the curriculum and stages, students can relate to and gain skills and meaning in the areas of:

  • Storytelling
  • Improvisation
  • Comic Banter
  • Voice Projection & Public Speaking
  • Disciplined Physicality
  • Imaginative and Creative Thinking
  • Insights into Historical & Cultural Subject Matter

We offer touring productions of some of our shows as well as training opportunities through our workshops. Are you a primary school teacher, drama teacher or Italian teacher? View our offers now! There is something for everyone!