~  Commedia Dell'Arte Day 2017~

The Flagship Event of the Commedia dell’Arte Day 2017 will be held in Sydney, Australia organised by ‘Fools in Progress Inc.’ and ‘Commedia con Corinna’.

Faith Martin is the author of the Commedia dell’Arte Day Messagge 2017.

The Commedia dell’Arte Day is celebrated every year on February 25, and is proclaimed by the Italian cultural association SAT as an action of the incommedia.it project in support of SAT’s appeal to the nation of Italy and to the United Nations (UNESCO) to recognize Commedia dell’Arte as an official piece of “Intangible Cultural Heritage“.


Every year the SAT committee declares a city to be the flagship event of the Commedia dell’Arte Day and a well-known cultural figure dedicates a message to the worldwide events.

The first edition was celebrated in 2010 with the city of Bologna at heart of the worldwide celebrations as curated by the local SAT member ‘Fraternal Compagnia’ (2010 website). The first dedicatory message was written by Nobel Laureate Dario Fo.
The second edition was centered in Turin, curated by the local SAT Member ‘Santibriganti Teatro’ (2011 website). Dedication by Prof. Roberto Tessari.
In 2012 Malaga, Spain hosted the flagship event with the SAT Member ‘Teatro del Lazzi’ as local organizer (2012 website). Dedication by Miguel Romero Esteo.
The SAT member ‘Teatro Ricerche’ organized the 2013 flagship event in Istanbul, Turkey  (2013 website). Dedication by Üstün Akmen.
The 2014 Commedia dell’Arte Day was celebrated worldwide without a flagship city (2014 website).
The sixth edition was centered in Padua with a flagship event organized locally by ‘Accademia del Teatro in Lingua Veneta’ (2015 website). Dedication by Giorgio Albertazzi.

The worldwide Commedia dell’Arte Day events are coordinated by Faction of Fools.

If you are going to organize an event in your nation it is important to register in the official Commedia dell’Arte Day website. To do so, please follow the following steps.

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  3. After you logged in, you will see a button below ‘Register your event’. Click on the button and fill in the form.

Once authenticated you’ll be also able to download materials related to Commedia dell’Arte Day, such as logos and press releases and to modify your Event information at a later date.

Commedia dell’Arte Day is supported by funding from the Inner West Council and the Commonwealth through the Australian National Commission for UNESCO of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade