Faith MartinDiscussion Panel & Q&A led by Faith Martin

Yes, we do have faith in Commedia dell’Arte! We strongly   believe that the Tradition is alive and well, and we know so after seeing the magic happen every time we perform to an audience of teenagers in school around Australia. Commedia dell’Arte is imbedded in our contemporary comedy, sitcoms and movies to the point that we no longer see it, we just live it. That’s it! But it is time to recognize that Commedia, with its stock characters, is the root and foundation of modern comedy. Commedia dell’Arte did not just survive the times, but shaped the way we laugh today. The Discussion Panel and Q&A led by Faith Martin wants to gather scholars and performers across Australia to share their skills and knowledge in this art form to promote Commedia dell’Arte in its contemporary expression on the Australian and international stage.