Fools In Progress Inc. Theatre Company is a Sydney based, dynamic group of professionally trained actors, teachers and artists who have come together from diverse paths to showcase traditional Commedia dell’Arte.

We share a common interest to explore, promote and preserve this classic theatre style protecting the heritage of not only what is a significant part of the Italian culture, but of what is the oldest surviving tradition of Western theatre, significantly, highlighting its relevance and place in the mainstream and theatrical classroom and stage today.

We collaborate to create performances that are spontaneous, imaginative, energetic and full of classic improvised comedy for both children and the wider supporter of the arts.

All our performers extensively trained in Italy with the International School of Comic Acting founded and directed by Antonio Fava.

But, Fools in Progress not only draws from disciplines such as Commedia dell’Arte, our initiatives also consist of producing professional main stage productions of other classic works, poetry and readings of literature in both Italian and English, collaborating with other local and international theatre companies and associations to create new performances and cultural experiences to showcase for the wider community.